Sustainable Graphic Design Projects

Graphic designer(s) implies you have to deal with specific information that was previously dictated by someone else.Customers are looking to use your service to visually convey a message they would like to transmit. Graphic design is a sequence of creative process that produce as the result, visual material that aid in understanding the concept.

They can be physical or virtual. Physical materials are ones that you actually hold with your hands, use your fingers to touch and feel. The physical materials can be more enticing for certain people than virtual materials, those which you can only view through the screen of the device.

So, What’s the Problem?

To be able to produce physical materials the use of certain resources. Paper and ink are worthy of mentioning first.

The paper industry makes use of wood as the main basis for paper and paperboard, as well as other products that are based on cellulose. As much paper that we use as a result, the more trees will need to be removed.

It is possible to ask why this important to you as an artist or graphic designer. It’s simple: an alteration in perception.

The ability to create visually pleasing content is limited to printing it? If you don’t print the content it is unable to create any kind of emotion? Does it no longer entice? Does it no longer serve your clients? Your work’s aesthetics are dependent in the grade of paper that it’s printed on?

If your responses cause you to question your work’s quality, you might require this shift of mind to be a better graphic designer.

A Change of View

A skilled graphic designer can create a print on recycled papers, or could publish it online and receive the same level of praise and profit as the graphic designer who gets positive feedback when the work is published on top quality paper that is able to enhance the colors.

The main purpose of the argument is to establish sustainable design of graphic designs and to highlight its significance in the current society.

Your career as a graphic designer isn’t tied at all to the printed materials certain people just discard. That’s the most perfect example of the wastefulness of paper.

This is the point where sustainable graphic design can help. Instead of throwing away in paper, and thus negatively impacting on the environmental impact You can improve your lifestyle by implementing sustainable design initiatives which don’t require the use of non-recycled papers.

The Major Consequences of Paper Waste

It is reported that the Natural Resources Defense Council stated that the paper industry puts the forests of the past at risk by deforestation as well as cutting down. Instead of cutting down on paper production The demand for paper is always increasing, mostly due to its use in the field of marketing.

This paper business has other grave effects. Starting with air pollution, water pollution and continuing with the use of chlorine sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur as well as sulfur dioxide as well as other polluting agents. the paper industry has the entire list of pollutants.

To reduce the impact of the issue, a modification must be made. One possible change could be to cut down on the use of printing supplies.

As a graphic designer you can reduce the need for paper by either putting your work to the digital realm completely or employing the recycled papers instead of premium one.

What Can You Do As a Graphic Designer?

The primary goal is making use of the smallest amount of resources possible to produce effective projects. As creative, you’ll be able to come up with an effective sustainability plan for your design.

The first step is to must inform your clients that this is the way you conduct business. Inform them that you will be making use of recycled paper exclusively or you are performing only tasks that are delivered via the internet.

Although this could lower your customer base however, the purpose behind your work is certainly worth it. Furthermore there are a lot of projects that require digital efforts that you might not feel the difference economically speaking.

The second is to search for partnerships that support environmentally friendly solutions, too.

There could be a firm offering recycling solutions for paper. It is recommended to use this option when you’re certain that your work aren’t going to last without being printed.

Sometimes printed materials are often essential. If your project is not in this situation it is to do your best to create digital works, which have no need for paper.

Additionally, for projects printed be sure they’re durable and use minimal energy to make. Select partners who promote green living and environmentally-friendly practices.

The last, but certainly not last, try to find ideas. You’ll not know what you should do, and you won’t be motivated enough take action unless you can see that other graphic designers have chosen this path prior to you.

The creation of a small group of people who promote green and sustainable design is a great way to inspire people to think differently on this subject.

If you continue reading this article, you’ll see a number of designs that are sustainable and could inspire you to try exactly the same.

Examples of Sustainable Graphic Design Projects

Here’s a list of sustainable projects that use graphic design.

  • Ecocreative

Ecocreative is an Australian firm that has clearly stated in their business plan as well as on the official site that they are committed to sustainability.

The Ecocreative company is a small-scale business with footprints on the environment and is associated in the sustainability trend of graphic design.

For their clients, they have are already introducing an interactive section of their website which deals with green design. clients can look over the codes and choose one of the projects.

  • Orange Bike Design

Another business that promotes sustainable design in their graphics, Orange Bike Design gives an exact definition of sustainability on their official site while they encourage customers to use the use of digital media over printed ones, or at the very least select green printing methods.

Orange Bike Design only works with local distributors in order to decrease the necessity for transportation that is long distance.

  • ecoLingo

ecoLingo is a firm that is solely focused on eco-friendly graphic design. The graphic design studio specializes in designing products that are totally eco-friendly and don’t harm environmental issues in any manner.

They also put forth significant efforts to educate the public about the benefits of sustainable design and its significance.

  • Ripe

Ripe is making progress by becoming greener, while also explaining what’s wrong with current graphic design and explaining what kinds of measurements are required to be considered.

Ripe has chosen to use recycled and eco-friendly materials in their designs. They also inform their customers about their commitment to sustainability prior to beginning to work together.

Final Thoughts

Making the switch to a more sustainable graphic design strategy isn’t an easy decision especially for those who are motivated by money. The greater cause is greater than your personal motive, and a minor modification could result in an impressive final result.

Take a look at the example of graphic designers as well as graphic design firms that have already implemented sustainability plans and leave your personal positive impression on the planet.

Sustainable graphic design can change the world as it is implemented properly. Join the revolution!

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