Do startups require an office, what do you think?

Do startups require an office? It’s a matter of fact, Yes and No. If you’re a startup at its beginning stages, hiring a private office anywhere could be a cost that you cannot justify in the present. If you’re seeking to expand your company, the right office could help you take your company to the next step. In particular, considering that a large portion of work can be completed via the internet. This comprehensive guide to help you determine if hiring an office space is the best option for your company’s startup.

Remote Working

Remote working has never been simpler; however, offices are a part of contemporary workplaces, providing an ideal work-life balance.

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s working remotely; it’s an option that is feasible for companies of any size. The rapid rise of video-conferencing and remote working tools such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams, and Slack have helped facilitate this growth. There’s a growing demand in the workforce to have a flexible way of working. For instance, a recent survey conducted by HubbleHQ discovered an average of 86% of those asked would like to work from outside their offices at least one day a week.

However, as per the study, just 15% of employees are willing to work remotely full time, with 71% needing their business to have an office in some form. So, even though there’s an increasing demand for more flexible work methods, the demand for office space that is physically accessible remains high. Although technology has allowed us to work from anywhere, it is not a substitute for meeting in person and interactions between teams.

For companies just starting, there’s no pressure to acquire an office immediately because the teams have more experience working from home. However, leasing office space is the most important aspect of the startup process. Although establishing roots may be a daunting task, but an office is an investment worth it. It’s not just ideal for flexible and happy working hours; however, it can provide an organization’s structure and make your team more accountable. This is the most important factor to take your company up to the next stage. You must decide if it’s the right time to move forward.


Team Building

Face-to-face interactions are vital for creating more effective and happy teams.

The development of a solid team is vital to the overall success of your business. In the end, you’re only as successful as the business you maintain. Technology’s power means that some team building can be done online, with face-to-face interactions occurring on a sporadic basis. Additionally, you will be able to connect with different teams that might otherwise be unsuitable for your business due to access or geographic reasons.

Technology has limitations due to technical issues caused by different levels of connectivity to networks, which often result in delays in meetings, miscommunications, and the absence of interaction between people. A private office will help you create a team culture that encourages meetings in person and collaboration as a standard. It also allows for better integration between teams. A positive work environment in which employees can support one another will enhance the overall performance of their jobs.

Virtual Meeting

Do virtual meetings take over physically-based offices?

Socializing is a way of making your team more productive. Humans are, naturally, social creatures that depend on social interactions to survive and flourish. This is proven by numerous studies that have revealed interactions with others to be equally important as the food supply and shelter to ensure the survival of humans. Although technology has provided us with the means to communicate via the internet, our biological makeup isn’t changing.

According to a survey, 70% of the employees mentioned the lack of social interaction as one of the disadvantages of working at home. For many, their colleagues eventually become close friends even visit outside of working hours. Enhancing the social life of your employees can help improve the well-being of employees as well as mental health and overall morale. This can also bring the advantage of increasing their performance work.

Attracting Talent

A workspace will also allow you the space to grow your team. The flexibility of office space means you’ll be able to increase the number of desks you have as your team expands. Although having a physical office is an excellent recruiting tool, as it tells the company’s financial stability and indicates that you’ll remain around for quite a while. Both of these elements guarantee the security of employment for potential employees. The best and brightest employees will result in revenue far more than the expense of renting office space.

Building a Strong Brand Identity

Brand Building

The office you have can say much about your business and the overall image.

Office space is a fantastic method for businesses to convey the core of their brand. This is crucial for startups when it comes to establishing their identity as a brand and presenting this to other people.

The top companies and startups conjure up images of their offices, from Apple’s spaceship-shaped headquarters to Google’s replacement of the stairs with slides and the numerous startups housed in the latest style of flexible workspaces that feature modern décor, pool tables, and bean bags too. Their offices speak volumes about their company and also their main site. This can have advantages, both external and internal.

It aids in establishing an internal culture of teamwork. Employees are also singing the same hymnal book and are better equipped to present the company’s image to clients. Externally owning a personal office will make investors and customers take your business more seriously. It gives credibility and authority to your business since it demonstrates that you’re serious about business and you are playing a larger game.

Along with finding an office aligned with your brand, Flexible offices will let you stamp your mark on the space. This allows you to create an atmosphere that you’re proud of. It’s possible to place your logo in the center of your space, customize the décor to suit your preferences, and include your quirky quips, which your employees will appreciate. A space you are proud to enter each day will allow you to remain focused, productive, and motivated.

Workplace Privacyworkplace privacy

Private office spaces will provide you with extra security and privacy.

For a business to function, it needs to have a certain amount of security. Suppose you’re using confidential phone conversations, having discussions about personal concerns with employees, dealing with sensitive information, or working with clients’ records. It would be best if you decided what privacy is important to your company. If it’s not a huge concern, you may be able to function just well in a shared office. If the issue is significant for you, then having a private office is a wise business choice.

If you work from the privacy of your office and you’ll have the freedom to hold private meetings without the attention of anyone else. Your clients are likely to be more comfortable discussing important information from a secure space. You will also be able to keep your private records, whether digital or hard copy, protected from theft, loss, or even tampering.

In addition, you’ll have the ability to manage your business in a quiet environment without interruptions. This extra privacy gives you the chance to concentrate on your work. This is a thing that can be difficult to get in working spaces that are shared. This is ideal for gatherings, creativity, and the development of new products. It will help increase the effectiveness of your team members and the overall team’s dynamic as well as the experience of your customers.

Flexible Serviced Offices for Startups


Find your creative juices flowing in contemporary, flexible, flexible offices.

If you’ve decided that your company is ready for another step, the serviced office is a great way to transition into the office. This is because flexible offices are more in tune with the startup culture.

There is more flexibility in terms of the lease than you would have with a typical office lease. You’ll be able to customize the conditions of your office and the space to suit your needs and the business you run. This could result from shorter lease durations which means you’re not locked to a particular date when your needs may alter. It’s also possible to flex the space on very short notice. This is great for a team that’s likely to grow.

In the majority of cases, offices are no longer dull places exclusive to corporate suits. Modern, flexible workplaces are stimulating, innovative, and well-designed workplaces. This can improve the team’s morale, employee well-being and help build an identity for your brand. This also means that you won’t need to spend the time and money to furnish and decorate your office.

Serviced offices also grant access to facilities for the community. Breakout rooms and meeting rooms, for instance, are perfect for thinking creatively and brainstorming. Certain flexible workspace providers provide these facilities at no cost. Some of them allow you to pay as you go for these services and help lower costs. These facilities provide offices with an advantage when working remotely. About 55% of workers said they would prefer ergonomic chairs, dual monitors, high-speed WiFi, and a desk that is standing working at home.

Serviced offices can be a great workspace solution. They let you enjoy all the benefits of having an office without having to worry about resources or managing it.

So, does a startup require an office?

There are no one-size-fits answers on this issue. To make the right decision for you and your company, you should consider these questions, What Will office add worth? Does it contribute to revenue? What is the efficiency of your team? currently work at home or in an informal communal space? What are the projected growth rates of your business? Do you consider privacy important to your business?

If you’re planning to grow your business in serious plans, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to bring groups of people at least once. Thus, having an office can be a huge benefit for any startup and is an exciting choice that will aid in the growth of your business. You must decide if it is the right time. If you decide to make a move, it will be a good investment.

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