4 email strategies to encourage the use of the app

First of all, it is necessary for users to know about the existence of our app or its launch. Among the main channels that we can use to spread and promote it we would have social networks, the website itself and of course, email marketing.

In the case that concerns us as email marketing specialists, it is the strategy that we would use in this field. The ideal would be to design a specific campaign to announce the launch of the app and what this will entail. For instance:

– When is it released

– What advantages will the user have when downloading it: discounts, being part of a loyalty program, information and exclusive news, etc.

– Celebrate the launch with a discount that is valid only on purchases made via the app

– Accompany with a visual of what it will be like

Later, we can make a reminder to our subscribers by incorporating a banner about it in all our regular campaigns.

Once the app is up and running, we must find a way to encourage downloads and their use. Here we could use 4 strategies that are really effective and that are used a lot in the fashion sector:

1- Advance discounts in the APP

Surely you have seen on more than one occasion that some brands take advantage of the sales period to start them earlier in their application. Normally there is a margin of difference of a few hours with respect to the start on the web page. It is a good strategy to encourage the download and use of the app. Users will not want to run out of the product they have been saving in their basket and will want to be the first to see which products are discounted and the percentage of it. It is the perfect excuse to take the subscriber to action using such a useful resource as “loss aversion”. 

2- Period of discounts on purchases made only from the APP

Another interesting tactic to encourage subscribers to use the app is to set a period when in-app purchases are discounted. Of course, only from the app. It could be a discount applicable on the final purchase, or only in a specific product category. There are multiple options, it is just a matter of finding the one that best suits us according to our strategy.

3- Be part of the Loyalty Program and its exclusive advantages

Sometimes some companies have the app linked to their loyalty program with which users can obtain exclusive benefits and promotions, as well as rewards by increasing the level of commitment and loyalty with the brand. In this case, we can use the email channel to design a specific campaign where the user is explained how to be part of the company’s loyalty program and the benefits they will get. The email channel can also be useful to inform the user when he goes from one section of the program to another. Sephora , Kiko Milano or Foster’s Hollywood are some of the companies that have it implemented. 

4- Remember the advantages of having the APP downloaded

This strategy would be the fusion of the three that we have described previously. It is about designing an email campaign where the subscriber is reminded of the advantages of having the app downloaded and using it. We can mention, for example:

– Early access to sales

– Additional discounts

– Be informed of the latest news, products, collaborations, etc.

– Be part of the brand’s loyalty program

– Have all our information stored in the app: purchase history, wish list, electronic ticket, etc.

What are you waiting for? Get the most out of your app!

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